Vila Milena

Vila Milena

and seven dwarfs

Vila Milena Zlatibor

Vila Milena, Zlatibor

Villa Milena is a modern apartment-type object that exudes the spirit of the mountain at 1,000 meters above sea level and offers its guests comfortable accommodation. It is located in the street Narcissus, near the center, bus stations, markets and ski trails. It is located where your vacation dreams become reality.

Villa Milena is proud of her apartment in which the stay comfortable, quiet and unforgettable. The apartments are of various sizes and capacities. Are made from natural materials. In our nature is put on your best dress that constantly radiates mountain colors that everyone will love. This magical scene will be reflected in your eyes .Vila is surrounded and decorated with shadows of tall trees, butterflies, smell flowers, birds chirping, the sun ... Streams in a magic garden that serves as a mirror for the young sun. Will stop front of the gallery of beautiful pictures and taken to a new world, world the villas of Milena and the Seven Dwarfs. On the green lawn of our youngest guests will enjoy the amenities are there just for them, that they stay even more beautiful and memorable. The villa has place for your car . Dear guests can use the cable TV and wireless internet connection.

Everything in the Villa is subject to the enjoyment and relaxation, and because it carries the epithet of an ideal place for a quiet, family holiday. If you want a pleasant vacation, he appeared trust us and be our dear guests. Feel like you're at home, and more!


apartment bear | 5 persons

apartment rabbit | 2+2 persons

apartment butterfly | 3 persons

apartment bee | 2 persons

apartment cricket | 2+2 persons

apartment bambi | 2+2 persons

room | 2 persons